Our journey

Wow! It's only been close to 3 years and what a whirlwind that was so far. We started by redeeming old cloth that we turned into bags, then went on to giving old and broken jewelry a makeover and a new purpose and now we are a growing team of creatives, making and developing jewelry out of redeemed materials. From Redemption Bags to Redemption Collection - a fully launched fashion business with a purpose! But as with most good things - it has been a journey. I'd love to let you in on some of the highlights of the past years.


2013 marked a great turning point. From Redemption Bags to Redemption & Co - from bags to vintage jewelry. Our campaign grew to include a Photo-Editorial and a Film-Editorial shot at a subway station in Berlin.


The 2013 film was about portraying the journey from darkness to light, a journey made possible for many human trafficking victims through the work of the A21 Campaign. Watch it here:

You can also listen to the redco. founders talk about the concept and purpose in this behind the scenes video:

Thanks to our amazing partners like Alexander Korte from Pot72 coming alongside us and offering us their space we were also able to set up a shop for a wildly successful vernissage and pop up store.


The progression has been fast and exhilarating. I look back at just how much we've grown and it simply keeps getting better!

We could hardly believe our luck when the Rotary Global eClub Berlin endorsed us earlier this year. And we keep celebrating the addition of insanely gifted individuals joining our team. But above all, we love the fact that we collectively get to shine a light on human trafficking and play our part in abolishing it. Our partnership with The A21 Campaign keeps growing stronger and we are excited about the upcoming plans to deepen our relations with them. We could very well be in the verge of something way bigger than ourselves. But then again, I guess we always knew that. 

I love that I get to be a part of something so cool with this A - class team of change agents. redco. Remember the name. And the cause it stands for. Here to make a difference!

A recap by our friend and guestblogger Maureen Mutheu.