The Bulgarian names we have chosen for our necklaces are more than mere labels. They are representative of the human trafficking survivors living in an A21 safe house in Sofia, Bulgaria. redco. necklaces are telling their stories and breaking the silence that surrounds human trafficking to this day.

10€ of each necklace goes towards supporting this particular A21 safe house out of which a knitwear line named “Liberty Clothing” was born. redco. partners with “Liberty Clothing”, by supporting it financially as well as creatively by sending in professionals to upskill the women.

This necklace Sanka will help provide meaningful work for the women, developing them personally, placing value upon them, and giving them the opportunity to learn the skills they need to become financially independent after leaving the care of the safe house.

Read on to find out more about modern day slavery - the dark realities the survivors had to face before being rescued.


Redeem €10 of every purchase goes directly to The A21 Campaign