redco. uses materials that have been thrown away, giving them new value. Rumjana is born out of the dedication of skillful designers seeing beyond what others have deemed unworthy and placing great importance on ethical sourcing and sustainable production. The plexiglass is sourced from the residues of a Berlin based company and the chains are made from high quality recycled silver in the Hoover & Strong Harmony mill production grounds in the United States. In Berlin, beautiful necklaces, such as Rumjana, are assembled by hand. Much in the same way, the A21 safe houses consistently fights for and focuses on “the one”, looking after every survivor’s specific needs.

Rumjana, and every other necklace, is symbolic for broken pieces finding a second chance when met with purpose and love. Broken people overcome their past while lovingly cared for, believed in, and relentlessly encouraged. Rumjana is part of this restoration.

Read on to find out how redco. aims to change the perceptions that surround social activism.


Redeem €10 of every purchase goes directly to The A21 Campaign