Broken trust is the destructive common denominator of every human trafficking survivor’s story. Countless times, the person tricking or selling a former victim into modern day slavery is a loved one - a close relative, a fiancé or husband, a mother or father - leaving the survivor with a shattered self-worth and an intrinsic distrust. Thankfully, through the work of A21 broken trust can be restored and lives redeemed by giving these women a new sense of purpose.

Ivanka bears witness to that. The carefully chosen materials in each necklace tell the tale of raw and vulnerable, yet strong and sophisticated femininity. Discarded plexiglass used for Ivanka comes to life again in the hands of skilled craftspeople, hinting at the possibility of second chances. The recycled silver emphasizes the worth of every human life, placing value where it has been robbed.

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Redeem €10 of every purchase goes directly to The A21 Campaign