One of redco.’s aims is to rethink social activism by veering from traditional forms of charity. Instead, redco.’s mission is to create beautiful designs, that make it easy and attractive for anyone to make a difference. Using the medium of fashion, redco. ignites the conversation about human trafficking in surprising and powerful ways. Fashion communicates. Let the striking Emilija speak for itself, let it tell the story of human trafficking and raise awareness in an engaging way.

At the same time, redco. is all about placing value through the personal development and education of human trafficking survivors in safe houses, equipping them to become financially independent and self-sufficient. By being part of this sustainable investment into survivors’ lives, the edgy and sophisticated Emilija serves as a catalyst for social change.

Read on to find out how redco. aims to change the perceptions that surround social activism.


Redeem €10 of every purchase goes directly to The A21 Campaign