The corrupt multi-million dollar “business” of human trafficking is operating in the dark around us. Currently, more than 27 million victims are caught in this abhorrent crime. Trafficked at the age of 12, on average, the victims are made voiceless and invisible. Brutally beaten into submission, disregarded and devalued, the final destination of the victims is often sex slavery. Forced to serve dozens of clients every day, they face assault, rape, and abortions.

redco. aims to shed light onto this darkness, fighting human trafficking alongside A21. Elena is a part of this fight. Elena gives a voice, where it has been stolen, places value when hope seems lost, and symbolizes unity with the survivors and current victims, encouraging them on their fight for freedom. Elena is a vessel to ignite a conversation about the unspeakable.

Read on to find out more about the life situations of human trafficking victims.


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