The Trinity is Crying

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The Bulgarian names we have chosen for our necklaces are more than mere labels. They are representative of the human trafficking survivors…


The corrupt multi-million dollar “business” of human trafficking is operating in the dark around us. Currently, more than 27 million vic…


Broken trust is the destructive common denominator of every human trafficking survivor’s story. Countless times, the person tricking or s…


redco. uses materials that have been thrown away, giving them new value. Rumjana is born out of the dedication of skillful designers seeing…


One of redco.’s aims is to rethink social activism by veering from traditional forms of charity. Instead, redco.’s mission is to create bea…


The triangular shape of the pieces, such as Penka, speaks of the tears shed over each victim of human trafficking, every life lost. The…


fragile bodies

broken like the pieces
of a delicate vase

dreams s h a t t e r e d




and the trinity is crying

calling the faceless

by name

wiping away tears

unveiling beauty
behind scars

all things
made new

reflections bouncing off
a crystalized glacier

the rock on which
we stand